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Thank you for trusting Deluxe Tutor with your children’s education.
Step 1: Complete the form under ‘Request A Tutor’
Step 2: Save our number +65 9773 3820 into your phone
Step 3: Receive a summary of your request via Whatsapp
Step 4: Our Deluxe coordinator will find you the best tutor that you child deserves
Definitely! We will send you the profiles of the tutors who suit your children the best and you can choose from among them.

We are bursting with pride because we are the only tuition agency in Singapore partnering with Singapore’s sole provider of customized online teaching platform! This online teaching platform combines the power of web conferencing together with an advanced learning management system customized to Singapore education system. It mimics very closely how a normal private tuition lesson is typically conducted at home but it brings along with it many benefits that traditional tuition simply cannot compare to.

Just imagine,

  • All of your tuition lessons are recorded and your children can re-watch the videos when the exams are around the corner

  • Each online lesson will have a progress report for your children to understand their strengths and weakness

  • Your children will be able to download the lesson plans before lesson starts and submit his tuition homework online for easy future reference. No more missing worksheets!

  • You can ‘drop in’ on your children’s online lessons anytime you want. Even when you are out having a manicure

  • There is absolutely no need to send your kid for tuition because the tutor will magically appear on your laptop screen

  • Your child will no longer complain about how tired she is when she has to travel to the other end of the island for tuition

Online tuition is the new frontier in the world of education.
We will be rolling out this new feature in the near future. Remember to select ‘Online Tuition’ to register your interest for your children to attend online lessons and we will notify the moment we roll out this new feature for all Deluxe clients.

Many students of ours love studying in a group because of the camaraderie between friends. If you opt for Group Tuition, we will allocate you a tutor who is able to accept your child into his current group of students. In addition to that, more likely than not, the fees for Group Tuition is also cheaper as compared to Individual Tuition.

Of course! Ensure that both you and your friend complete the online forms separately at this link and save our number +65 9773 3820 into your handphone. We will then send you a summary of your request and you can inform us of your intention to group your child together with another student for Group Tuition. But do take note that you have to decide whether you would like to have the lessons conducted at your house or your friend’s house.

As a premier tuition agency, we are extremely stringent on the qualifications of our Deluxe Tutors. We will verify their graduation certificate from the moment they register as Deluxe Tutors. In addition to that, it is our common practice to ensure that our Deluxe Tutors bring their certificates on their first lesson and present them to you.

Thank you putting your trust in our Deluxe Tutors! You can make payment via ATM fund transfer or through internet banking. We will inform you of our bank account details via Whatsapp when payment is due. It is a hassle-free process!

Deluxe Tutor will charge a commission of 50% on the lessons conducted in the 1st month. For example, if the assignment requires you to teach twice a week, 8 times a month, we will be collecting the commission for the first 4 lessons.
We are excited to share about our special Deluxe Tutor commission scheme! The more assignments that you have received from us, the less commission you will have to pay. Find out more about our special tutor commission scheme.
We will be collecting the commission from the clients themselves. Do take note that you will not be required to collect the commission on our behalf.
Online tuition is the latest frontier in our private education industry. Rise your hands if you want to teach but you can’t bring yourself to travel hours upon hours under the scorching sun or the pouring rain. We have also heard countless complaints about the long hours spent on travelling to each student’s house which could be used to teach more students instead.
Therefore, we have decided to partner our tutors with a local provider of an online teaching platform that mimics very closely how a normal private tuition lesson is typically conducted. This teaching platform has all the teaching features that a tutor will need and more! We’re extremely excited about this.
Remember to select ‘Online Tuition’ to register your interest to be able to teach online and we will notify the moment we roll out this new feature for all Deluxe Tutors

Glad to be of help! You will need to select ‘Group Tuition’ under ‘Type of Tutoring Service’. You can choose to conduct group lessons in your own house or go to your students’ house to conduct group lessons with his friends. We will notify you of all parents who would prefer Group Tuition to Individual Tuition.

Thank you for joining our Deluxe family. Our Deluxe Tutors will be receiving all available tuition assignments via Whatsapp and email. So do remember to save our number +65 9773 3820 on your Mobile phone and provide us with your email.

No problem! Just Whatsapp us at +65 9773 3820 and state clearly what the changes are. Once we’ve made the neccessary amendments, we will notify you.

You will definitely be notified of the result of your application. It may take a few hours to a couple of days but you will not be left in the dark. We usually receive tens of applicants for each tuition assignment so we will need some time to sieve through all the suitable tutors for each precious student. Don’t get discouraged if you have not been successful in your application. Be quick to apply whenever you receive tuition assignments via our Whatsapp notification system.

Yes definitely. All Deluxe Tutors will have to commit a minimum of 1 month to each assignment unless otherwise stated in the tuition assignment detail. If you are unable to do so, please do not apply for our assignments.

Your first impression counts! Bring along your graduation certificates and result slips. Bring along your teaching materials if you have them. Some of the parents will have uploaded their children’s latest examination and we will send it over to you via Whatsapp for academic diagnostic purposes.