All About The Field For The Most Popular Sport

You May Know A Lot About Football, But Not About The Football Field

The sport played by the most people is football. This sport has the largest number of fans in the world, and the most passionate ones are in Brazil. Every Brazilian fan knows everything about soccer, but most of them don’t know much about the soccer field. If you want to be informed about everything related to this sport, look at Futebol, everything that interests you.

The playground is in the shape of a rectangle and according to today’s regulations, its length can be from 105 to 110 meters, while the prescribed width is 68 to 75 meters. In order to clearly see the edges of the playground, it is delimited by a white line that is 12 cm wide. These lines are the so-called out lines, which means that the ball has gone out of the field and belongs to the opposing team. There is also a middle line that divides the football field into two equal parts.


There are goals on the goal lines. The goal sizes are 7.32m long and 2.44m high. A net is placed on the posts and crossbar. Today, the crossbars and posts are round in shape, but in the past they were square. There is also a goalkeeper’s area. Its area is also marked by white lines drawn at a distance of 5.5 m on both sides of the goal posts.

Also, there is a penalty area, which forms a rectangle that is 16.5 m away from the goalposts and the same number of lines extend towards the middle of the field. In the middle of the penalty area, 11m away from the goal, there is a marked point from which the penalty kick is taken.