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We will like to incentivize our Deluxe Tutors and we are offering a new tutor reward scheme for all of our tutors.
All Deluxe Tutors are eligible for this tutor rewards scheme. For every successive assignment, our Deluxe Tutors will pay a lower amount of commission.


Expert Class:
1 to 2 assignments Commission of 50% of 1st month’s fee


Master Class:
3 to assignments Commission of 45% of 1st month’s fee


Deluxe Class:
assignments and above Commission of 40% of 1st month’s fee


  • Each assignment must last longer than 2 months before you can move to the next tier.
  • Every assignment which last shorter than 2 months will push you back by 1 assignment.

How does the Tutor Rewards Scheme Work?

  •   and he will pay, 50% for the 1st and 2nd assignment.
  •  he will only pay, 45% commission for the 3rd and 4th assignment.
  • he will only pay, 40% commission for the 5th and 6th and 7th assignment.

There is no limit on the number of assignments each Deluxe Tutor can receive from Deluxe Tutor Tuition Agency.

However if Devon’s 7th assignment last less than 2 months before his client decides to change to another tutor, his original score of 6 assignments will be pushed back to 5 assignments.

If Devon’s 7th assignment last longer than 2 months, his original score of 6 assignments will be increased to 7 assignments. Thus ensuring that he stays at Deluxe Class, enjoying the low commission rate of 40% for all subsequent assignments.